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SPI Hook
mPCIe Half-Size Extender Bracket
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The Hammer CPU module is based upon Samsung’s S3C2410A ARM920T processor. It gives you the power of an ARM9 processor in an easy to use modular package. The Hammer CPU module fits into a standard 40 pin DIP socket. It is an ideal platform for code development and prototyping in an embedded environment. You can quickly interface to the Hammer using your standard prototyping tools that are based upon 0.1 inch centers.


The SPI Hook is a dual function utility board: 1) A SPI Flashing tool that can read, write, and erase the SPI Flash located on the MinnowBoard Max/Turbot and 2) adds a virtual RS232 serial port for communicating with the MinnowBoard Max/Turbot. 


 NEW - This bracket extends a half-sized mPCIe card to a full-sized card.

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Debugger Lure
Hammer Kit
Hammer Carrier
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The Debugger Lure is an expansion board for the MinnowBoard Max/Turbot that adds a JTAG debugging interface for the Intel XDP.


The Hammer Kit includes everything you need to start developing with Linux: Hammer CPU board, Hammer Carrier board, Flyswatter, JTAG ribbon cable, 5V Power supply, USB cable, RS232 serial cable, and CD.


The Hammer Carrier board is a prototype board designed for use with the 40-pin ARM9 Hammer CPU board.  The board contains a power supply circuit, RS232 serial port, USB host port, USB slave port, a SD/MMC memory card connector, beeper circuit, and a large user prototyping area on 0.100 inch grids.

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