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Debugger Lure
SPI Hook
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The Debugger Lure is an expansion board for the MinnowBoard Max/Turbot that adds a JTAG debugging interface for the Intel XDP.


The Flyswatter2 is a high speed JTAG in-circuit debugger and programmer designed for ARM and MIPS target boards.  It works with the open source software: OpenOCD (Open On-Chip Debugger).


The SPI Hook is a dual function utility board: 1) A SPI Flashing tool that can read, write, and erase the SPI Flash located on the MinnowBoard Max/Turbot and 2) adds a virtual RS232 serial port for communicating with the MinnowBoard Max/Turbot. 

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mPCIe Half-Size Extender Bracket
BeagleBone Black JTAG Adapter Kit
ARM20cTI20 - cTI 20-pin JTAG Adapter Board
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 NEW - This bracket extends a half-sized mPCIe card to a full-sized card.


The BeagleBoard Black JTAG Adapter Kit provides all the hardware you need to add a JTAG interface to the BeagleBone Black board.


The ARM20cTI20 JTAG adapter board converts the Flyswatter2's ARM 20-pin JTAG interface into a compact TI (cTI) 20-pin JTAG interface for TI's BeagleBone Black board.

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