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Trainer Board

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The Trainer Board is an expansion/breakout board for the original BeagleBoard (Rev B or C) that adds:

  • I2C interface (level translated to +3.3V or +5V)
  • SPI interface (level translated to +3.3V)
  • GPIO's (level translated to +3.3V)
  • Standard prototyping area with 0.1" x 0.1" matrix
  • An embedded ATmega328 processor that can be user programmed.  The ATmega328 can be jumpered to run at 3.3V or 5V
  • The ATmega328 is Arduino hardware compatible
  • The BeagleBoard can communicate to the ATmega328 processor via its second RS232 serial port
  • The BeagleBoard can turn the power to the ATmega328 on or off with one of it's GPIO pins

The Trainer board is compatible with all revisions of the BeagleBoard (both Rev B and Rev C BeagleBoards).

I²C Interface
The Trainer provides an interface to the BeagleBoard's I²C port.  The I²C signals are level translated to either +3.3V or +5V (user selectable with a jumper).  The I²C signals are located next the the prototyping area.

SPI Interface
The Trainer provides an interface the the BeagleBoard's SPI port and the signals are level translated to +3.3V.  The SPI signals are located next to the prototyping area.

GPIO Interface
The Trainer provides an interface to several of  the BeagleBoard's GPIO signals.  The GPIO signals are level translated to +3.3V and are located next to the prototyping area.

Prototyping / Breakout Area
The Trainer provides a standard prototyping / breakout area with a standard 0.1" x 0.1" matrix.  The user can use this area to prototype their design and interface it to either the BeagleBoard's level translated signals or to the ATmega328's I/O pins.

ATmega328 Embedded Processor
An ATmega328 embedded processor is located on the Trainer board that is user programmable.  The ATmega328 is hardware compatible with the Arduino and the ATmega328's I/O signals are available next to the prototyping area.  The ATmega328 can be user jumpered to run at +3.3V or +5V.  One of the BeagleBoard's GPIO signals controls the ATmega328's power supply and can  turn on or off the power to the ATmega328.  The ATmega328 has an 8.0 Mhz oscillator.

The Trainer board ships with the Arduino boot loader flashed into the ATmega328.

RS-232 Serial Port
The Trainer provides a second RS-232 serial port that interfaces to the ATmega328 processor. Commands can be transmitted back and forth between the BeagleBoard and ATmega328 processor.

Board size = 3.0 inches x 3.1 inches (same size as the BeagleBoard). 

Each Trainer board comes with the following:

  • Four (4) board standoffs 
  • Four (4) board to board spacers
  • Eight (8) screws 
  • 1 male expansion connector (2x14 male header - unshrouded) that will need to be soldered into the BeagleBoard's expansion header.


Additional Links:
1) Makezine post about the Trainer Board is located here.
2) Facebook article about the Trainer Board SPI is located here.

1) The expansion header (J3) on the BeagleBoard does not come populated with a connector.  We supply one connector (2x14 male header) that has to be soldered into the BeagleBoard's expansion header by the user.

2) An external power supply that works with the BeagleBoard is located here.



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