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5V2A Power Supply
40-Pin LVDS Cable Assembly
22 Ohm 0402 Resistors
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5V2A Power Supply. This is a wall adapter switching power supply with a regulated 5VDC output rated at 2000mA (2 Amp)


NEW - 40-Pin LVDS Cable Assembly (Length = 6 inches)


22 Ohm 0402 Resistors for the original PandaBoard. 

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20-Pin Female Headers
LVDS 20455 Adapter Board
Animal LVDS Mini
SKU: 780
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SKU: 700

20-pin Female Headers for the LCD expansion port.


The LVDS 20455 Adapter Board converts the 40-pin ribbon cable into a 40-pin I-PEX 20455 surface mount connector.


The Animal LVDS Mini is an inexpensive expansion board that interfaces to common LVDS LCD displays. This board works with the BeagleBoard Rev-C, BeagleBoard-xM, PandaBoard, and PandaBoard ES.

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