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ARM20OnCE14 - OnCE 14-pin JTAG Adapter board
ARM20cTI20 - cTI 20-pin JTAG Adapter Board
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The ARM20OnCE14 JTAG adapter board converts the Flyswatter2 to a OnCE 14-pin JTAG interface.  This board works with Tensilica target boards.


The ARM20cTI20 JTAG adapter board converts the Flyswatter2's ARM 20-pin JTAG interface into a compact TI (cTI) 20-pin JTAG interface for TI's BeagleBone Black board.


The Flyswatter is a compact USB to JTAG in-circuit debugger and programmer designed for ARM cores.  It can be used with all ARM processors that are supported by OpenOCD.  It connects via USB to the host PC.

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BeagleBoard Adapter Kit
ARM 20-Pin JTAG Adapter Kit
MIPS14 Adapter
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This kit provides adapter boards that make the Flyswatter compatible with the BeagleBoard's JTAG and RS-232 headers.


This kit provides an adapter board that converts the Flyswatter's 14-pin JTAG interface into a standard ARM 20-pin JTAG interface.


This JTAG adapter board converts the Flyswatter's 14-pin ARM connector to a standard 14 pin MIPS connector.

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Price: $19.00
Price: $19.00
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